Evelyn Torres of Round Lake High Schoool received a scholarship for Academic Achievement from the Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  Congratulations Evelyn!

Lisa Rusch Avon Township Supervisor, Evelyn Torres & Guadalupe Somerville (Photo by Lupe Somerville)
Lisa Rusch Avon Township Supervisor, Evelyn Torres & Guadalupe Somerville (Photo by Lupe Somerville)

Community Links

Our Community Links Tab offers a excellent array of the many services in Avon Township and Lake County such as transportation, food pantry, park distrcts, senior centers, villages and many more.

Fiscal Stewardship

Our largest asset  is our building which is valued at $818,434.00 according to the 2015 Audit. The township building was constructed in the mid-1980s.  As the current stewards of the township building, this administration sought to begin repairing and replacing several items/issues that needed to be addressed.  Our Public Restrooms underwent a complete over-haul and update in 2014.  We replaced the toilets with water-saving toilets, painted walls and replaced aged sinks.  The cost was $5,662.00 and we decreased our water usage immediately.  Likewise we rehabilitated an internal office bathroom.  During the rehabilitation, we found extensive mold and had to mitigate.  Likewise, a small kitchenette used by the employees and officials was updated and again extensive mold found and mitigated.  Both these projects cost a total of $6,945.00.

Our largest investment in the last two years has been the replacement of all exterior building windows and doors. Many of our doors were rusted, did not close properly presenting secutiry concerns.  While the windows were being replaced, much of the window-framing had rotted and we were able to repair the frames and stop leakage  occurring with the majority of our windows. That combined project cost $37,378.00.

Our windows have been in place for one year now and we just conducted a review of our energy usage for the last 12 months. We have reduced natural gas therms and electric kilowatt hour usage by 28% which has resulted in reduced utility bills.

The total cost of our building upgrades is 6% of the building value. We believe that investment will pay dividends well into the future.

With the tax dollars we have direct control over, we continue to be fiscal stewards on your behalf.

Basic Budget Classes

Avon Township is pleased to announce that we will be offering “free” Basic Budgeting Classes for Township Residents on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. We also provide one-on-one budget counseling (English & Spanish) every Friday.  To set up an appointment, please call 847 546-1446 ext 301.  This service is provided at no cost to you.