Claiming Your First Online Casino Bonus: Facts about Sign-up Bonuses

The internet has caught up with gambling. Today, people that used to flock to casinos to enjoy a night of exciting gambling and fun just have to go online, find a casino to play at and start enjoying the game wherever they are and whenever they want to. There’s a reason that more and more traditional gamblers have decided to bring their business to the online platform.

Online casinos have not been lax when it comes to enticing people to the digital platform as well. To encourage more players to come and sign up and play their games, they have been offering generous bonuses and other perks that even traditional casinos don’t.

Thanks to the fierce competition in online gambling, casinos are trying to outdo each other in terms of who can dish out the most attractive offers. This is good news to players because now, they will not have any shortage of perks, bonuses and other offers to choose from.

Realizing that online casino bonuses make for a great way to start your online gambling journey, some people were trying to take advantage of the situation by signing up with these gambling websites just for the sake of getting the bonus. There is a name for this kind of practice. In the online gambling world, this is referred to as scalping.

Over the years, scalpers have become quite ingenious when it comes to ways that they can take advantage of all these offers. This is also the reason that gambling sites have decided to take the necessary steps to add certain conditions and restrictions to their bonuses offers where players have to fulfill them before they are awarded to their accounts or before they will be allowed to withdraw their earnings.

The scalpers decided to retaliate and this time around, they have their bonus money wagered on games that offer very low odds as in the case of Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack and Roulette. Casinos then responded by setting limits on how the bonus earnings can be withdrawn.

For instance, they will only let their players withdraw their bonus money up to a certain amount. In some cases, they will even require you to play certain games a certain number of times, make a specific amount of wagers as well as wait for a certain period before the amount can be withdrawn.

Placing these restrictions on how much you can withdraw, how soon you can withdraw and setting conditions you must first fulfill before you will be allowed to make a withdrawal for the bonuses they offer, it is still possible for online casinos to tempt new players to come and sign up.

At the same time, they can do so without exposing themselves to the risks of people just running away with the freebies they offer.

There are a lot of low-odd games in online casinos. These are the kinds of games that will offer the same possibility that the house or you could score a win. You want to focus on playing these games when you are a newbie player and are taking advantage of your bonus points.

In fact, Roulette and Blackjack are considered as the most preferred low-risk games that a lot of people tend to go for when trying to spend their bonus money.

Try to limit the amount that you bet too. Remember, there are no assured wins when it comes to gambling, whether online or land-based. This is why you wouldn’t want to bet large numbers. Instead, keep your bets low so if and when you do end up losing, it wouldn’t hurt that bad. This will also allow you to maximize the bonus amount that you have received.