Lisa Rusch


The Officials of Avon Township are elected every four years during the Consolidated Elections.  The registered voters elect a Township Supervisor, an Assessor, a Highway Commissioner, a Township Clerk and four Trustees.

The Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer of the township and has additional responsibility as Treasurer.  While the Township Supervisor is the CEO, the Assessor and Highway Commissioner are directly responsible for their respective departments.  They may keep the Supervisor and Board informed of their actions, but they carry-out their responsibilities for the will of the people.

The Township Trustees are the "auditors" of the township and are responsible for approving the expenditures incurred by the township.  Trustees may serve on committees and make recommendations to the Supervisor.

The Township Board is made up of the Supervisor and four Trustees.  The Township Clerk is the official record keeper of the Board.  The Board meets the second Monday of each month.  Click here for the schedule of Township Board Meetings.