Online Casino Randomness— Everything You Need to Know about Random Number Generators

While many casino games you can play these days require some level of skill to influence the outcome, a whole host of gambling games is actually based on luck. Even those games that require some skills from the player may still be partially banked on chance. It is this randomness factor to gambling that has made it necessary for online mobile casinos to rely on the RNG or the random number generator software.

Where bricks and mortar casinos have specific tools or people that are tasked to perform game-related tasks, everything in the digital platform is powered by the RNG. As the name suggests, the RNG is an application that is designed to generate numbers randomly. While it is true that they are considered as the core of online gambling, not every single RNG out there is created equal.

This is why they need to be evaluated accordingly to make sure that they are indeed as random as they are required to be. This is also one way of ensuring that the games are fairly played. In certain games, the RNG takes on a very obvious role.

For instance, when you play European roulette, the slots are going to be numbered from 0-36, which makes for a total number of 37 slots.

The RNG is programmed to generate random numbers at all times. So, when the roulette wheel is supposed to be spun, instead of spinning an actual roulette wheel the way they do it in traditional casinos, the RNG takes on the role instead and will generate the number. Once a number has been generated, the bets are either forfeited or paid.

For craps, two numbers will be randomly generated by the RNG. If it is only a single deck of cards that is played, then the RNG will need to generate from numbers 1 – 52. Every single one of these numbers stands for every card in an entire deck. During the game, it is the job of the RNG to make note of the specific card numbers that it has generated to make sure that they are not going to come out again when.

The algorithm involved with the RNG becomes even more complex and intricate if the game uses more than a single deck of cards. There are RNGs that are designed to require a specific starting seed value that it then randomly varies along the way. There are those that utilize the clock time as the initial seed. This is considered ideal as this doesn’t involve any human intervention, which further reinforces the randomness of the RNG.

Some involve a number of RNGs that are run all at once where one of the RNGs will be tasked to pick from the generated results. This type of setup is aimed at making the calculations super random.

Note that this is just one way of oversimplifying how the software works. In reality, it is a much more complicated process than that but this should at least give players an insight on how online casino games are played and how results are generated.

Still, it’s not just enough to say that these RNGs are designed to be unbiased and random. There needs to be a way to really assess if indeed they are. This is why it is a practice in the online gambling world to get the software to undergo random audits on a regular basis. certain entities like eCOGRA conduct this all the time where they test the algorithms of these RNGs over millions of instances of dice thrown or card hands to truly establish that the generated numbers and results are indeed unbiased and unpredictable.

When selecting an online casino, focus on those that are equipped with gaming software that has been tested by such testing groups including CFG, eCOGRA, Price Waterhouse Coopers, TST and BMM International among others. It is a good sign when an online casino is upfront not only with their software platform and the specific testing groups that audit it from time to time. This way, you are confident that they will offer not only a fun and enjoyable gambling experience but a fair one as well.