Online Roulette 101— Differentiating the American and European Versions of the Wheel of Chance

Roulette is one of the best games you can play at online casinos. Just like any popular game, there are variations that were introduced to it over time. Today, two of the game’s most preferred variations are the European and American live roulette. If you choose to play any of these games live, they will be generally featured via video streaming. In this setup, a live dealer is going to spin the ball and the wheel and they will interacting with you directly.

They will also be responsible for accepting bets and will distribute the winnings once a player scores a win during the game. With this setup, online players can experience the game the way it is played at land-based casinos. The only difference is that they can do so from the very comforts of home. While both these versions of the game are quite popular among players, most seasoned ones prefer playing the European one due to its lower house edge.

Initially, live roulette used to be played with only 36 slots for numbers. Over time, as the game became more popular, people have come up with clever ways and strategies that they can win the game. As a result, casinos ended up with almost next to nothing profit. As a result, the casinos decided to vary the game by adding another slot, a zero to result in 37 slots on roulette wheel.

The introduction of another zero led to an increased advantage to the casino. This led to them making more profits in the process. Despite this added advantage, the game hasn’t diminished in popularity among players. More people have even found it challenging to have to find ways to score a win over a game that has been made increasingly more difficult.

Today people either choose to play European or American roulette. The game is being played both on land-based and online casinos. Many of the people that choose to play it online prefer the live version of the game as it offers them just about the same experience as they would if they were in a traditional casino. When the game was introduced to America, the casinos decided to add yet another zero to the slots, making it 38.

This further increased the house advantage. Online casinos also started to introduce these developments to online roulette. While it has made the game even harder to win, although this still did not seem to deter online gamblers from playing the game.

If you’re new to online roulette, it would work to your favor to consider playing European roulette. The odds are still going to favor the house like any casino game, but the house edge is significantly lower.

This means that you will have a higher chance of winning compared to playing American roulette. Beginners will be able to make the most of this variation and once you have mastered this, you can then move on to master the American version.

It wouldn’t hurt to practice a lot too. Online casinos that offer online roulette usually allow their players to enjoy a free to play version of the game. Take as much time to practice the same. It’s a great way to master the game— and you won’t be risking any cash too since it doesn’t require any real bets.